Saturday, 28 September 2013

PHOTO: Nigerian Traditional brides

Okay Dolls! today is Saturday and like we know weekends are synonymous with functions, parties, amongst which is wedding. So today we will be taking a look at some very colourful and beautiful Yoruba themed traditional weddings, bridal attires.

This is simply beautiful 3 tone Aso Oke with red handcut blouse. And the makeup is just 

flawless! The accessory? All nicely put together.
                        Beautiful bride in gold and Blue handcut Buba with patterned Aso Oke Gele.

                Pretty in red.... I just love Red! With Gold Handcut Buba.
               Accessorized with a 3layered red bead set
            Dressed by Lasmiles Makeover @lasmiles08
             Beautiful champagne and turquoise handcut lace Buba with Aso Oke

Who says white is not pretty for a bride... Beautiful white handcut lace and Purple Aso Oke. Accessorized with a 3 layered beads set. Dressed by Lasmiles Makeover.

Beautiful Colour blocked look, I just love red, it's the life of a party...*wink*. Combined with Purple and Silver.


  1. Nice one sassyTo *winks*

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