Thursday, 24 April 2014

For the Love of Yellow!!

I must admit! I'm getting hooked on yellow. I consider yellow a suitable colour for clothes when properly mixed and accessorised. Besides, this colour is a big trend in fashion style, as you can see it almost everywhere!

Yellow is the colour of light, joy, happiness, it radiates warmth and makes you smile. Even the “smile” symbols are yellow..😁

But they say that too much yellow could lead to irascibility and a fashion disaster, so be careful with wearing the sunlight!

In the end, I love yellow when it’s paired with black so I got my Tailor to make me one. I used a plain yellow Daviva fabric, and he mixed with black fabric. I actually wanted him to make a jumpsuit but he came up with a pant instead!! I was furious but I guess I like it after all.

So here I am spotting my yellow and black custom made pants which I combined  with a black shirt I got from my closet. So what are you waiting for?? Catch the "yellow fever".


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