Friday, 27 September 2013

Thank God it's Friday!!!'

Hi dolls! So I know I’ve been Moving at a snail pace on my blog! I am just getting used to this new fun idea, trying to find my feet around  but yea I’m here now and I promise you are going to enjoy it here. So this is my first post!!! Yay!! After a long week of work, hussling and busy activities, I am sure you all are glad it is friday. 

For those that work in a conservative environment like the banks, who have to always be in corporate wears all through monday to thursday, would feel nothing but relief to get off the suits and formal dressing

On this blog, I will be sharing TGIF look for office. It will consist (both outfit and makeup)
For today I will be sharing with you my TGIF dressing that is not too uptight, simple, classy, can be worn to to the office and yet trendy.

So here I am in my amateur photos wearing a casual turtle necked top ( that's because it's been a rainy and cold day) with a turn up Jeans and a black puffed shoulder jacket. I think the Jacket makes it classier than wearing ordinary Jeans and top, the Jacket makes it look different from everyday normal home wear. And of course an all star canvas to step it down...*wink* . 
I think this is a quick sporty wear to the office on a Friday, for those that might want to drop off in one or two places after work it is just okay without the Jacket.

And my hair is all packed up, I just feel like wearing my natural hair for sometime, it's been long I did that. My makeup, I applied my normal makeup not so perfect but I am sure not too bad....#grin# 

Please be kind to drop comments and share with us your idea of what a TGIF look should be like.

                                  So dolls what do you think of this look? Yay? Or Nay?lol


  1. Simply! I will definitely try it out n post my look! It's yay for me. Wink!


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