Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Is Sex equals Love?

Okay dolls! The one day holiday is over, am sure we all wish it was more than a day *tongue out* lol. Nigeria @ 53, God bless Nigeria and may God cause our leaders to be selfless in service.

So back to my gist for today! Is sex equals love. Hmmm
I would really love the men to be as factual as possible we know that alot of men have sex just for the physical pleasure of it, but does recieving sex from someone make men feel more appreciated or loved? Is sex to man as cuddle is to woman?

Also does the denial of sex, cause feeling of emotional rejection or do men just get frustrated? or does it just depend on the person and can not be generalized?

Am excited *dancing* let's get talking.*wink*

1 comment:

  1. Sex is not equals love ooooo. A woman or a man can sleep with a thousand partner but can never love them all.


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