Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nigerians To Experience Partial Or Total Eclipse on Sunday 3rd November 2013

If what the Director General, National Space Research and Development Agency, Dr. Seidu Mohammed's claim is anything to go by, then on Sunday Nigerians will witness a partial or even total solar eclipse.
Mohammed made this known at the briefing in Abuja. He urged Nigerians not to panic over the course of the eclipse.
According to his words, the eclipse will be seen across the country and in the West African sub-region.
“Different cultures have different reactions to them. There is no course for alarm.” - he stated.
Mohammed assures people that they don’t need to worry about GSM operation – it will continue to work. Other things, as he said, will also be normal.
“Cities by cities will be reported in Nigeria, where the eclipse will be; partial eclipse or total eclipse. People should continue with their normal business. Because of partial rays, people should use their sun glasses.”

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