Friday, 1 November 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Hi Dolls! So its a new Month and Yes!!! Thank God it's Friday!

 I’m not sure where to start…

This blog has formed such a huge part of my life over the past one month that I started, like a joke when I conceived this Idea of blogging it was just my usual spontaneous way of doing things. It was at the peak of my craving for doing something that really speaks me, something that I enjoy doing. If  there's something I love it's Fashion, looking good, been sassy, and of course I love gist *covers face*

I remember I was just chatting with a friend Shola Adejare Lamina, the publisher of Shopping Spree Magazine and jokingly I said to her I will even go into blogging and she said its a great idea, we both laughed at what I will be blogging about because I had no idea myself. And so I looked up on some bloggers and their profile and then I thought to myself Yes I can do this. And then I started on the 26th of September even though I started in an amateur but everyday I am getting better. 

I must say its been demanding, coping with motherhood and many other activities, been careful on what I post and verifying my post before I do. At times I feel like dumping it when the encouragement was so low. But because I enjoy doing it and I love to know what is trending in the entertainment industry it has kept me going...

It's been a month since I started and this morning I checked the number of guests that have visited the blog and I am happy to say I am just on hitting the 10'000 guests milestone within a month of my amateur start! Its might seem low but it makes me appreciate those that believe in me. To you guys that believe in me and have been there with me thank you soooo much! From all the comments to the advice to the insults lol…Its been amazing!

 Please its only with your support that this dream can be alive. You can contact me for gist and Tip Off, you may choose to be anonymous. I will be as confidential as possible but your stories must be factual. Find and Follow me on Facebook (sassytosblog), Google Plus ( Olutosin Afolabi 'tsmile'), reshare, repost and please drop your comments that way we both communicate and enjoy the fun more.......Love you all....Tsmile 


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