Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Story Of A Gigolo

I found this on the internet it's really strange how this is regarded as a job....sounds more like a lazy song

I moved to Delhi to make it big and have a business of my own. Within a few months here I realised life was not going to be that simple. I juggled various jobs to put together resources for a small business. Things seemed to be falling in place when a friend and I started a guest house. Unfortunately, the recession happened. Most of our guests were foreigners and they stopped doing business with us. I suffered huge losses.

Companies all around me were letting go of their employees and I wasn’t going to get a job. And so, I became a gigolo.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to secure clients. It started with a chance meeting with a lonely woman. She referred me to a few other friends and I ended up getting a steady stream of clients willing to pay for my time.
Today I charge anything between Rs 3,000 and Rs 8,000 depending who I am catering to and the time I give them. I get a lot of repeat clients. Sometimes I use Instant Messenger to secure clients over the internet.
It’s not an easy job. Unlike men, women want more than just a good time. They want someone to hear them out and be patient with them. Most of my clients are wives of extremely affluent men who are usually away on business. Their children are never around. The majority are lonely and usually have a lot to talk about.
The job pays well but there are so many things that worry me—sexually transmitted diseases and the social stigma. What if my family finds out? I don’t even want to think about it.
I have now got a day job as a graphic designer, but have not given up being a gigolo yet. Let’s face it—who doesn’t like money? But I know that there is no future in a job like this and I would like to have a family someday. Maybe I will be able to decide when that day comes.

(He is 27 years old and landed his first client a year ago)

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