Monday, 10 March 2014

Accessorizing Plain Colour Clothes

Hello Ladies, a beautiful rainy Monday it's here. How is the weather where you are? Well am sure wherever you are the fun days of rocking whatever you please without the cold hitting on you is just around the corner.

 I have this lil Dress that was beginning to get boring to me and I thought of creating a different and stylish look out of it. So today I am sharing my one cent on how to accessorize those boring plain clothes; dresses, tops etc.

Fashion accessories come in many forms and colors. They can be jewelry, purses and handbags, or other items of clothing, such as headbands, neckpieces, scarfs, roses, belts and shoes. The goal of accessorizing an outfit is to choose items that complement your clothes, balance your figure's proportions, or draw attention to a particular piece or feature.
Accessories are essential part of a ladies wardrobe they are those little pieces that gives your clothing definition and also change that boring dress completely to a sassy, chic dress. Personally I love to mix and match colours and I love to play around with style. Sometimes I get it wrong and sometimes right, but the key thing is as you do it often you learn the rudiment and nail it sooner than you know it.

Why don't you try accessorizing those boring clothes you find less attractive  and see how fabulous they can look!!



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