Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Enugun State Governor's Wife Clara Chime Speaks On Her Marriage

There is trouble in paradise that's all I can say for this Enugun State Governor and his Wife Stories....hmmm

Having left the Enugu State Government House on Monday, Mrs Clara Chime spoke for the first time and vowed never to return to Governor's Chime’s house.

The Governor’s wife claimed she would have abandoned her marriage when Chime was bedridden, but was very passionate about whom she had called her husband, hoping that after all the sacrifices, Chime would change and become a better husband.

Mrs Chime, however regretted that Chime did not change his way towards her, and their relationship went sour by the day.

She said that family pressure also contributed to her plights, that even when it was obvious that Chime no longer wanted the marriage, her family asked her to manage.

“I am not the one who is sick, but I became sick because of the way I was treated. There are some things people would do to you that make you sick or even die.”

“After treating myself, I will never go back there again. I will not even wish my enemy to marry in that kind of place again.”

So much has been made about her house arrest and so much has must has been concealed by Chime and his wife.

Agbaje has asked the National Human Rights Commission to look into the ongoing crisis

 “There must be an end to sinking lies. The Chimes of this world need another fatter lies to cover their present lies. The truth is that one Mrs Clara Chime is ill. To cover her public odium, she was cleverly and unconstitutionally detained by Chime.

“As for the NHRC, they need to do more research into the Chimes’ affairs and expose every unconstitutionalities, not the present contradictory charade coming out of the Commission.”

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