Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fashion Trend: Ankara Invasion 'Super Stylish Ankara Designs And Accessories.

Hey dolls I dont know about you but I love the new trend of bringing old school to new school. Making ankara fabrics contemporary is the best idea for me this past years and as it looks the Ankara has come to stay. I have personally seen some VERY BEAUTIFUL OUTFITS AND ACCESSORIES MADE OUT OF ANKARA FABRIC.  And today I have put together for you some pretty sexy Ankara designs and Accessories. Feel free to covet them if you so wish. I tell you Ankara is the best thing that has happened to the fashion industry not only in Nigeria but also in the International scene. Enjoy!


On the International Scenes African print have been pictured in so many runway across the globe, and have been seen on western celebrities like  Beyonce, Kim-K, Amber Rose and many more. It really beats me while they are rocking our Ankara prints in beautiful and trendy styles, we the real owners limit ourselves to dull gloomy styles, 6 pierce skirt* a thought just flashed through my mind* well sure you know what I mean by gloomy styles. Why not explore new ways and new styles that would do justice to your fabric and your body too.

Ankara Bag and Sandal

Ankara bangles

Hair and neck pierces

With the success of Ankara Inspired Shoes by Aldo you will agree with me that the Ankara is here to stay and there is absolutely nothing that can't spell trendy with Ankara. Infact They are used for interior furnishings, all sorts just name it! I am truly proud to be African. Just rock your Ankara and be sure to go trendy in a super stylish design so you can rock it, you can even choose to accessorize your western clothes with touch of Ankara, bow on your shirt, hair band whatever just make it stylish and make a statement.


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