Thursday, 20 February 2014

DIY: Eyebrow Defining

Hi Ladies, I am sharing a little tip on how to keep that sexy eyebrow DIY the Perfect Shaped Eyebrows

Thick perfectly shaped eyebrows are the perfect way to enhance your facial features. Women crave those beautifully shaped eyebrows, so why not learn how to shape them correctly! With the perfect eyebrows it will highlight your eye’s making them stand out and with those gorgeous brows it will make the face appear slimmer.

Here are a few tips on how to create those dream eyebrows! First the basics you need to know...

1. Where Your Brows Should Begin- It’s very easy to determine where your eyebrows should begin! Grab a pencil and line it from the outside part of your nose to the inner corner of your eyes. The brow should start where the pencil is lined up, the access hair on the other side of pencil should be plucked.

2. Get That Sexy Arch- Use the same pencil you used to determine the beginning point of your brow and line it from the tip of your nose to the middle of your pupil. Where the tip of the pencil lies or intersects that’s where the arch should be in your brows.

3.  Where Your Eyebrows Should End- Many girls get this one confused, where your eyebrows should end. It’s actually very simple to do! Use your pencil and line it from the edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. That is where your eyebrows should properly end.
4. How to Fill In Your Brows-There are many ways to fill in your eyebrows. You can either use a matte eyeshadow, or you can use a pencil. Always make sure that the colors that you are using are lighter than your natural eyebrow.

So Lets try it out using the step by step guide below and see for yourself!

If you have lots of hair with your eyebrow then probably it is no problem but if you have few hair or almost bald then you need to make up eye brow. When you start make up eyebrow you need a few tools. First you need slant tip twezzer, eyelash & brown wand, angled definer brush, eyebrow tream scissors,highlight and eye shadow.

Step:1 Brush your eyebrow with clean masculine brush

Step:2 Use twizzler to pull out hair between eyebrow and eyelash. Just clean it up.

Step:3 Pull out hair the bottom of eyebrow precisely.

 Step: 4 Draw line from the bottom of front eyebrow to the edge. Draw paralleled line up of eye brow util the top of  the edge and continuing draw util match the bottom line.(  Tip:   Recommend do not use too dark pen.)

Step: 5 Pull out hair at the top line of eyebrow and if there are long hair use scissors cut them off.

Step: 6 Use same clean masculine brush eyebrow from bottom towards up.

Step: 7 Put highlight just below of  bottom eyebrow line. (put them in triangle section)

Step: 8 Spread out highlight with different brush just be sure to make a natural mix.

Step :9 Put light eye shadow between highlight and eye shadow. Make sure there isn’t gap and let it be natural mix.

Step :10 At the end use dark brown masculine brush to fill the eye brow.  Finish!!

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